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Soundtracks Growing Closely Connected to Smartphone Games

By Sefra Orlick

Source: New York Times

Mobile phone games have grown immensely since games like Snake in the 1990s. Not only have graphics and game play become more advanced and entertaining, but now soundtracks for mobile games are taking leaps to be just as immersive as well.

Soundtracks in video and mobile games are just as essential to an immersive experience as the game play. Music gives a mood or feel to a game and levels. A song can create tension in intense moments such as a boss battle or timed mission, or play a light-hearted track in a simple level, further sucking the player into the experience. Some of the latest and popular smartphone games—Two Dots, Threes, and Minecraft—have soundtracks available for purchase on iTunes. Right up for sale amongst movie soundtracks.

Co-founder and chief executive of Two Dots, Paul Murphy, states his team took inspiration from the soundtracks of Pixar movies to help them create original soundtracks that could be used to lure players further into the gaming experience. 

With smartphone games becoming even more advanced in game play, visuals, and music, these games may even rival console games. The addition of immersive soundtracks will only help push the games into becoming gaming experiences to truly remember.

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