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Russian Government Announces Possible Ban of Video Games

By Joey Lee

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


It appears the Russian government is becoming rather touchy with the way their country is being portrayed. After a complaint about foreign video games that "discredit the Russian soldier" and "distort history facts,"—Relic Entertainment's portrayal of a criminal-minded Russian WWII soldier in the game "Company of Heroes" comes to mind—the government plans to possibly put an end to these foreign games by banning them. They also have started work on the first of their "patriotic video games chronicling the inception of the Russian military aviation during the First World War. It is set to launch in 2014. When speaking to the Russian newspaper Izvestiya, Arseny Mironov, an aide to Russia' culture minister Vladimir Medinsky, said "The main thing we expect from the producers of video games is the realistic and historically truthful representation of events," before adding that the creation of a "negative image of the Russian warrior" will not be tolerated. Well then...


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