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Kanye West Sues over "Coinye West" Cryptocurrency

By Joey Lee

Source: New York Daily News

It’s anonymous and decentralized as most other crypto-currencies are, but this one has a familiar ring to it. "Coinye West" is what they call it.

No, Kanye West didn’t create it, which is what most people would probably assume is an inflated, egoistical ploy. Instead, West is investigating what seems to be a parody currency, with alleged reports of Amazon materially encouraging and contributing to websites accepting “Coinye West” as a new bit coin.

West has filed a lawsuit, looking to hold liable those who have tendered the digital money, and is targeting a wide range of defendants to figure out the identities of the alleged culprits, ranging from to If West wins the lawsuit alleging publicity rights and trademark violations, he could be getting some cold, hard cash in return.


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