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Google Earth: From Dawn to Dusk

Source: CNN

Bernhard Seefeld, product management director of Google Maps, demonstrated the new and improved Google Earth on a Web broswer. The realistic satellite 3-D images showcase not only the outer landscape of a city like Paris, but also allows users to look into any of the nearby attractions. The 3-D architectural tour is generated by user-uploaded photos, and Seefeld promised “it would only get better and better." The feature also allows a 3-D paranomic view of the insides of a building such as the Google office in San Francisco, where users can then experience the same view but in leap motion with the Oculus Rift. Amazingly, the feature also zooms out so the user can see the entire world and its clouds in real-time, just by clicking on the globe and spinning it anti-clockwise or clockwise. As the sun sets behind the Earth, users can also see the night-lights of all countries, up from outer space.

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