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“Father of Modern Computing” Receives Royal Pardon

By Joey Lee

Source: New York Times

Despite being an incomparable mathematical genius who is often credited with turning the tides of WWII, didn't excuse Alan Turing from the strict laws of the British government banning homosexuality in the 1950s. Almost 60 years after his death, Elizabeth II has taken the step to brush the charges aside with a royal pardon.  Known best for his outstanding achievements that paved the way for the development of the computer, Turing was responsible for breaking  the supposedly impenetrable Enigma code utilized by Germany in World War II.In 2009, Prime Minister Gordon Brown tried to make amends on the convictions that were said to have sparked his suicide, only for the pardon to be foiled by his own government. With his life ending at the young age of 41, we can only wonder what else the computer pioneer’s brilliant mind (which also created the now famous Turing test, used to determine artificial intelligence) could have conjured up.


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