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Is Facebook a Fad? Will Our Grandchildren Tweet?

Source: New York Times

The New York Times "Room for Debate" forum is taking on social media. There are the usual suspects—authors and academics—but more importantly The Times has curated tweets from Twitter users who were asked to weigh in on the topic using the hashtag #socialRFD.

From The Times...

Social media have changed the way people interact: young women in India protect their marriageability by being discreet on Facebook, while in the U.S. family members often feel the sting of learning about estranged loved ones through a screen. These networks are not just personal, of course; they are also political. Thomas Friedman recently wrote that although Facebook and Twitter may have been able to ignite a revolt in Egypt, they have failed to supply the “brick and mortar” needed to sustain real change.

Are social media part of a long-term shift in how people interact, like the telephone? Or, especially after Facebook’s worrisome I.P.O., do these networks look like a fad that will become less attractive the longer it lasts?

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