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Apple Unveils iPad Air and New OS

By Joey Lee

Source: NBC News

The pressure is on for Microsoft, as Apple recently introduced their latest desktop operating system, dubbed "Mavericks," and has also announced the accompanying software upgrade would be free of charge, regardless of your current OS.

With a range of upgrades that would make Mavericks feel more like the iOS software found on iPads and iPhones, Microsoft is bound to feel the heat, as they continue to charge for their Windows OS. Additionally, Apple has also turned the spotlight to their latest iPad, called iPad Air, aptly named so due to its substantial drop in weight from 1.4 pounds to 1 pound flat.

Boasting the same 9.7-inch retina screen and a powerful A7 processor in an tablet that's 20 percent thinner on the sides compared to its predecessors, the price starts at $499 upwards, depending on memory space.

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