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Wearable Twitterverse

Source: Bloomberg

Twitter is currently served on wearable computing gadgets like Nike’s fitness devices. The company plans to expand its online, 140-character message service to other wireless devices and smartphones.
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Google Earth: From Dawn to Dusk

Source: CNN

The recent Google I/O conference included a demonstration of the new and improved Google Earth on a Web broswer, which now allows users to sightsee and watch sunsets.
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BBM to be Available on iOS and Android this Summer

By Melissa Zhu
Source: Gizmodo

During the BlackBerry Live Keynote on Tuesday, BlackBerry announced it would be launching one of its most popular features, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), on iOS and Android. The service was previously only available on BlackBerry's platform.
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Internet and the Video Beanstalk

Source: Gigaom

Broadband traffic has grown significantly over the years due to the heightened popularity for video streaming. This changing phenomenon is hogging broadband networks and threatens pay TV businesses.
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YouTube Launches Paid Subscription Program

By Melissa Zhu
Source: Hollywood Reporter

YouTube has launched a pilot subscription program with 30 channels, charging users as little as 99 cents per month to access exclusive content. Its content partners include National Geographic and Magnolia Pictures.
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Google’s New Music Feature

Source: New York Times

Google is set to introduce its new music subscription feature at the coming Google I/O, an annual conference for software developers. The new feature will be connected to Google Play.
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Hulu Plus on Windows Phone 8

Source: TechHive

Hulu Plus is now available on the Windows Phone store, where users can seamlessly stream current seasons of TV shows such as "Family Guy" and "Modern Family."
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TV Everywhere with Starz

Source: Variety

Starz’s is moving beyond cable and satellite television and is expanding its TV Everywhere streaming service to Nooks and select Google Nexus devices.
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Angry Birds on Cloud 9

Source: TechCrunch

Rovio announced earlier this week on its website that players of the popular mobile application can now save their games on a cloud server, named “Rovio Accounts,” and resume on another device.
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Happy Techno-Mama’s Day!

Source: Indianapolis Star

Throw away those thoughts of sending your mother a $50 bouquet of flowers, or a spa treatment, for Mother's Day and give her to the newest tablet, iPad or smartphone.
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