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January 2013 Archive

The New Twine (Twitter + Vine)

Source: CNN

The new app, Vine, will add on to Twitter’s present restriction of 140 characters by limiting video posts to only 6-seconds.
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Disney World’s New Magic with a Plus

Source: Disney Press Release

MyMagic+, Walt Disney World Resort’s new express system, will redefine the Disney Experience as it allows prior booking to ensure guaranteed rides and show times for all.
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Extreme Skype-ing

Source: Pocket-lint

An extreme compact technology called the Began Unit, now allows users to be connected to the Internet, even when atop Mount Everest.
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The Best Upcoming Game Consoles of 2013

Source: Gizmodo

The year of 2013 promises better gaming experiences by introducing cool, new gadgets, such as the Oculus Rift and the Xbox Next.
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The Virtual Face(book)Wash Leaves no Trace

Source: The Next Web

A new Web app, Facewash, is here to help users like you and me maintain a more “decent” profile, one that is absent of party photos and other types of information you don’t want to share.
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VOD’s Gamble with “Arbitage”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Richard Gere’s latest thriller, “Arbitage”, proved to be a huge success as the first film to ever be released on the same day, both in theatres and video-on-demand TV.
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Shoot and Store: The new wave of file transfer

Source: Network World

Fujitsu Company looks into a new sort of technology that will enable easy direct transfer of data from the computer to one’s mobile phone.
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A War Against Violent Video Gaming

Source: GamesBeat

The period of ignorance is over, says POTUS, as he urges the congress to dedicate $10 million in funds to research on violent games and the effects of it on young minds.
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The Demise of Real World Entertainment

Source: New York Times

Everything is going digital. We stream our movies, play online games and even make other purchases haste-free on Amazon. In Europe, trends point to digital media too.
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Flying is (LIVE) Falling…with Style!

Source: CNet

The first make of “Toy Story”, which cost $30 million, is now going live after two subsequent sequels. The remake of the original 1995 film is 80 minutes long and has garnered more than 2 million views on YouTube.
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