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Take Down that Satellite, for Internet TV's Here!

Source: CNBC

Stream-to-television devices, such as Roku and Apple in the United States, is said to be the future for television (TV) where Internet content can be readily displayed on home TV screens.
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Gadgets With Minds Of Their Own: IBM’s new “5 in 5” prediction

Source: Yahoo

IBM has revealed its newest set of premonitions of what computers would be able to do in the next 5 years—namely be us. Just smarter, faster and more efficient.
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An evolution for Internet TV: Netflix strikes invaluable deal with Disney films

Source: New York Times

Netflix reaches deal to show new Disney films in 2016. Analysts estimate the deal could be worth about $300 M annually for Disney.
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Films to Spring to Life with Sony’s New Ultra-high-definition Video Player

Source: CED Magazine

Sony introduces ultra-high-definition video player.
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Human Voice and hand Waves Control Future of Car Functions

Source: Wall Street Journal

Toyota is researching hand motion technology to enable drivers to control automobiles with gestures.
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Homework on Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones

Source: Reuters

Mobile learning on cell phones.
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Biggest iTunes Update in a Decade Released

Source: Bloomberg

Apple debuts a brand new look to iTunes 11.
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College of Future Could Be Come One, Come All

Source: New York Times

In a series of articles on higher education, the New York Times plans to examine the "virtual university." From free online classes open to all, to coursework that blends online learning within a traditional brick and mortar landscape, higher education is undergoing a transformation.
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Hasbro Rebooting the Cuddly Robot Furby

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

The new Furby will have upgraded sensors and a computerized brain that will alter its behavior depending on how it’s treated.
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Disney Buys Star Wars Maker Lucasfilm for $4.05 Billion

Source: TechCrunch

The takeover will give Disney control of Lucasfilm's blockbuster Star Wars franchise. Disney will also absorb Lucasfilm's special-effects production business, Industrial Light and Magic, and its Skywalker Sound audio production studio.
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