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October 2011 Archive

Angry Birds, Other Games Get Transformed Into Horror Flicks

Source: Wired have released a series of short films transforming videogames Mario Kart, Angry Birds and Duck Hunt into gory horror flicks.
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Sony Expands Music, Game Streaming Services to Tablets

Source: CIO

Sony is looking to leverage its broad entertainment holdings in music, film, and games through its electronics products.
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Sean Parker: Spotify attempting to finish what started at Napster

Source: Zdnet

Napster’s founder the doors are now open for Spotify and other digital music lockers to revolutionize the failing music industry.
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Rdio Offers Free Online Music as Spotify Rivalry Intensifies

Source: Bloomberg

Is there room for another music streaming service? Rdio Inc. will offer free streaming minus the advertising as it prepares to battle with Spotify Ltd. and Pandora Media Inc. for customers.
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