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September 2011 Archive

Magazines Join With New Tablet Challenger

Source: Wall Street Journal

As more consumers are going online to find content, magazine publishers have been losing readers at an alarming rate. Ereaders and tablets may be the answer to their worries. Amazon's Kindle Fire, which features a color screen, is being heralded as a direct competitor to Apple's iPad.
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Pandora CTO: We jailbroke the iPhone, love HTML5

Source: Gigaom

Pandora's CTO explains the company's success in developing a mobile app and how HTML-5 will play a larger role in the future to bring Pandora to your TV and inevitably your car.
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New Media, Old Messages

Source: China Daily

Currently being held at the National Art Museum, Translife features 53 new media artworks by artists and artist groups from 23 countries and regions. Visitors can not only view the works but also interact with them at the first International Triennial of New Media Art.
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THX-Certification Coming For Mobile Phones And Tablets

Source: Pocket-lint

Buy any smartphone today and it will surely be preloaded with a app for viewing videos. Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube mobile apps are drawing in more viewers as more and more of us use our mobile devices to watch videos. But what if your phone could deliver the sound quality of a cinematic experience? THX is proposing just that.
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The Evolution of Digital: Entering the Era of Curation

Source: Flip the Media

We have entered an age of digital curation, which presents new opportunities for social change and economic growth as discussed by panelists at the Hamptons Institute this past July.
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