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AOL Queues Up Another Music Subscription Service

Source: The Wrap

AOL has announced its AOL Radio will offer two new subscription services later this summer in a partnership with digital music startup Slacker Radio.
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Zvox Uses Phase Shift to Deliver 3-D Sounds from 2-D Source

Source: TWICE

Zvox is bringing new features to its Z-Base series of low-profile single-cabinet sound systems that improve flat-panel TV sound, deliver virtual surround, and double as TV pedestals.
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Sony Expects Gamers to Pay an Extra $500 to Play 3-D Games at Home

Source: GamesBeat

Sony announced that it will release a 24-inch 3-D enabled television and include a number of other goodies in an effort to promote 3-D gaming at home.
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Electronic Arts to Test Its Might Online

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Electronic Arts Inc. is starting an online service called Origin to sell downloadable games directly to consumers, as one of the world's biggest makers of videogames steps up a push to offer its wares over the Internet, rather than just through discs at stores.
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OnLive: The Netflix of Games

Source: Los Angeles Times

OnLive, a service that streams video games over the Internet, unleashed a barrage of news releases on Thursday that, put together, points to a broad attempt by the San Francisco company to become the Netflix of games.
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Apple Opens Locker for Songs

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Apple Opens Locker for Songs : Newton Lee

Newton Lee

Apple Inc. moved to compel consumers to buy more of its devices on Monday—not with a fancy new phone, but with software and online services designed to more closely tie its gadgets together.
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Xbox Now Aims to be a Home Entertainment Brand, says Microsoft

Source: IndustryGamers

Microsoft’s VP of Corporate Communications Frank Shaw blogs about how Microsoft envisions the Xbox evolving from a gaming sytem into a home entertainment console.
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Hulu Strikes Content Deal With Miramax

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Online video joint venture Hulu on Wednesday unveiled a content deal with Miramax. It will bring hundreds of the studio's films, such as "Good Will Hunting," "The English Patient" and "Pulp Fiction," to the Hulu Plus subscription service and rotate select films through Hulu's advertising-supported free site. "To anyone who really loves ...
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