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An Interview with Luca Fascione

Luca Fascione

An Interview with Luca Fascione

Luca Fascione is a multifaceted visual effects artist and the Head of Technology and Research at Weta Digital. His trailblazing achievements were honored earlier this year with a Scientific and Engineering Academy Award. I recently had a chance to interview Luca to discuss apes, motion, and emotion.  Q: When did it ... Read More »

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An Interview with Tom Cross

February 01, 2017

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December 01, 2016

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Recent News

Christopher Nolan Comes Out Against Screening Room

March 17, 2016

Variety is exclusively reporting that Christopher Nolan is standing with fellow director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau in their fight against Screening Room.
Leonardo DiCaprio to receive annual Socially Responsible Conservationist Award

May 15, 2015

New Media Film Festival, June 9-10, 2015, "Honors Stories Worth Telling" With Multiple World Premieres and Leonardo DiCaprio recipient of the Annual 'Socially Responsible Conservationist ...
Avid Announces Free Version of Pro Tools

January 30, 2015

Avid has just announced Pro Tools | First, a free version of the industry-standard Pro Tools, for anyone to experience the professional audio workstation at ...


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