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Special Issue on Musical Metacreation, Part II

Computers in Entertainment [Vol. 14, No. 3] View Full Citation in the Digital Library

Special Issue on Musical Metacreation, Part II

The associate editors for this second of two special issues on Musical Metacreation introduce the rich collection of papers presented in this edition and examine the ways in which the work explored here reflects the ... Read More »

In this issue

Towards Machine Musicians Who Have Listened to More Music Than Us
Databases of audio can form the basis for new algorithmic critic systems, applying techniques from the growing field of music information retrieval to meta-creation in algorithmic composition and interactive music ...
Evaluation of Musical Creativity and Musical Metacreation Systems
The field of computational creativity, including musical metacreation, strives to develop artificial systems that are capable of demonstrating creative behavior or producing creative artefacts. But the claim of creativity is ...
Machine Improvisation with Variable Markov Oracle
In this article, we describe the Variable Markov Oracle and how it can be used in stylistic machine music improvisation scenarios. A Variable Markov Oracle is a data structure capable ...
Collaborating with an Autonomous Agent to Generate Affective Music
Multidisciplinary research recently has been investigating solutions to offer new experiences of music making to musically untrained users. Our approach proposes to distribute the process of music making between the ...
Specification Mining for Machine Improvisation with Formal Specifications
We address the problem of mining musical specifications from a training set of songs and using these specifications in a machine improvisation system capable of generating improvisations imitating a given ...