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CiE Blog Guidelines

The CiE Blog brings together expert bloggers whose primary focus is entertainment technology. Like the editorial content in ACM Computers in Entertainmentmagazine, the blog will focus on art, music, games, television, movies, society, education, interviews, conferences, news and events related to entertainment technology. Blogs should be written for an audience presumed to have a high level of technical and business sophistication in entertainment technology. Please contact Lead Editor Ashley Yeo about submissions.

Blogging Guidelines
Please make your posts accessible to as wide a range of the CiE audience as possible, keeping in mind the diverse backgrounds and interests of our readers.

We expect posts to range from (approximately) 500-1000 words of primarily original content with links to additional information and original sources.  Please indicate clearly when quoting someone else's words. Images may be included provided there are no rights restrictions on them. Images should be high quality and at least 72dpi, and include copyright/credit information. We encourage our bloggers to post weekly to monthly, but the frequency of posting is up to you. Please include a standard biography, no more than 75 words, and headshot if available.

Voice and Tone
Blogs are to be written in the voice of the blogger. Although posts will have a personal component, your writing should always maintain the professionalism and standards of CiE.

Please do not hesitate to refer to your own work and publications, however be mindful of promoting your own institution or organization above others. Bloggers must disclose if there is a personal or professional connection to something you are discussing (such as work by former students, current employer, etc); this also relates to product reviews.

Filtering to Ensure Appropriate Content
The CiE editors will not be editing blog entries, but, as a major professional publication, they need to reserve the right to remove posts that contain offensive content (such as vulgar language), content that might put the ACM at legal risk, or posts on topics that are not relevant for the CiE audience. Also if necessary copyediting will be done for grammar, format, and tone to ensure clarity for the reader.

Intellectual Property
The blog text is owned by the blogger. By submitting your blog entry or comment for distribution, you hereby grant ACM the non-exclusive, perpetual and worldwide rights to publish and redistribute, edit or adapt and archive the blog entry in print or electronic formats published by ACM.