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Nintendo Annual Fiscal Report in…and Things are not Looking Good

By Lance Hosaka

Source: Game Informer

Nintendo delivers their report on their financials at the end of the fiscal year this past March. And unfortunately for them, things have taken a hit since January.

Nintendo’s recent annual report details overall global sales came out to about $5.6 billion, in comparison to a revised forecast from about $5.79 billion. Hardware sales missed their predicted mark as well: Only 2.72 million WiiU’s sold against a predicted 2.8 million for the year. At the beginning of the previous fiscal year, Nintendo predicted 9 million units would be sold. 3DS, the system where Nintendo is currently strongest in, sold 12.24 million units against a revised prediction of 13.5 million units. The previous fiscal year, they predicted 18 million units of the handheld units to be sold.  

In terms of software sales, things aren’t that good either. Currently the WiiU’s top selling game is New Super Mario Bros U at 4.16 million units sold, closely followed by Nintendo Land (3.09 million), Super Mario 3D World (2.17 million), and New Super Luigi U (1.76 million). The 3DS, in comparison, is doing much better than its’ console cousin. The handheld sold about 67.9 million units, which edged out the originally predicted 66 million units from January. The newest entries in the Pokemon franchise, X and Y have sold a whopping 12.26 million units. Other games are faring just as well, like Mario Kart 7 (9.62 million), Super Mario 3D Land (9.27 million), New Super Mario Bros 2 (7.82 million), and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.   

While their initial projections were slightly behind their actual results, it’s still fairly obvious that Nintendo hasn’t been doing well. At the very least, Nintendo is now fully aware of their faults. That said, in terms of software sales, Mario continues to be Nintendo’s top-selling game, no matter what the system. So really, the Italian plumber isn’t going to go away from Nintendo anytime soon. In terms of what’s coming for Nintendo this year, the release is going to be the latest Super Smash Bros game for 3DS (in “summer 2014”) and WiiU (in “winter 2014”). Mario Kart 8 is also expected to move WiiU consoles as always (Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS sold 9.62 million units, Mario Kart Wii sold 35.53 million units, and Mario Kart DS sold 23.56 million units). Unknown quantities include the “Hyrule Warriors,” a spin-off of the Legend of Zelda franchise that is stepping away from its’ adventure-action gameplay, and Bayonetta 2, while despite having a small but devoted fanbase, has suffered controversy from moving an originally multiplatform game to an exclusive format.