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By Newton Lee


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In today’s highly competitive job market, internships provide on-the-job training for college or university students, high school students, or post-graduate adults. Internships also allow companies to have a chance to evaluate the interns’ job performance before deciding on hiring them as permanent employees. Many universities now require their students to complete their internships in order to graduate with their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees.

International internships offer a whole new dimension of benefits. Cultural exchange and understanding promotes citizen diplomacy. United States First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at Peking University in March 2014, "I'm here today because I know that our future depends on connections like these among young people like you across the globe. We believe that relationships between nations aren't just about relationships between governments or leaders — they're about relationships between people, particularly young people."

Over the decades, I have personally hired more than 50 interns to work for me, and I have placed hundreds of interns at various companies and organizations across the United States in vibrant cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Atlanta, Austin, and many other places in the U.S. The experiences have been phenomenal.

Many of the hundreds of interns have come from all over the world to live in a new country, make new friends, and experience new culture. Goh Chern Kuan from the National University of Singapore wrote, “I took up an opportunity to come to America for a 6-month attachment... My parents were not convinced but they chose to respect my decision. They were concerned that the attachment will not add value to my future career and I will just be wasting 6 months in America. However, my instincts strongly believed that this golden opportunity will instead push me closer to my personal aspirations. While I am young and have this strong desire to learn from the best. These 6 months have definitely been a highly enriching and eye-opening experience. I am very excited for my future and believe that I am now one huge step closer to my own dream... The skills learnt in the internship had enhanced my innovative spirit and willingness to experiment with new system designs and capabilities in my current work. The American experience had built a good innovative thinking which enabled me to continuously think out of the box.”

Indeed, thinking outside the box to accomplish great things is the most rewarding experience!

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