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Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival 2013

By Newton Lee

Mena Suvari on July 31, 2013. Photo by Newton Lee

Mena Suvari on July 31, 2013. Photo by Newton Lee

The Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival (HBRFest) 2013 was held from July 31st to August 4th at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California. The opening night showcased the film “While my Guitar Gently Weeps” by filmmaker Anna Muylaert, one of Brazil's most prominent filmmakers. Muylaert is heralded as a beacon of a new generation of Brazilian women filmmakers. Currently in its fifth year, the festival also featured a "Focus on Diversity" panel discussion with Deborah Calla of Producers Guild of America (PGA), Kimberly Myers of Writers Guild of America (WGA), and Regina Render of Directors Guild of America (DGA). Among the many Hollywood celebrities at the opening gala, was actress Mena Suvari who is best known for her roles in the blockbuster films “American Beauty” and “American Pie.” 

Besides Brazil's fiercely independent-minded filmmaking, the country's entertainment technology industry has also been flourishing. Dating back to 2008, ACM Computers in Entertainment (CIE) has published many research papers highlighting media arts, games, and interactive mobile apps from Brazilian researchers. Some of the often-cited CIE papers include:


1. Prospecting the appropriation of digital TV in a Brazilian project

2. Robot Arena: An augmented reality platform for game development

3. Integrating the Wii controller with enJine: 3D interfaces extending the frontiers of a didactic game engine

4. What went wrong? A survey of problems in game development

5. Lattice methods for fluid animation in games

6. Providing expressive gaze to virtual animated characters in interactive applications

7. Towards consistency in interactive storytelling: Tension arcs and dead-ends

8. An extensible framework for interactive facial animation with facial expressions, lip synchronization and eye behavior

9. Boids that see: Using self-occlusion for simulating large groups on GPUs

10. Planning algorithms for interactive storytelling

11. Evaluating a middleware for crossmedia games

12. A game loop architecture for the GPU used as a math coprocessor in real-time applications

13. An adaptative game loop architecture with automatic distribution of tasks between CPU and GPU

14. Experiences with rapid mobile game development using unity engine

15. Parallel culling and sorting based on adaptive static balancing

16. Mobio threat: A mobile game based on the integration of wireless technologies


Celebrating its 10th year anniversary, ACM Computers in Entertainment is truly an international online magazine. In the future blogs, I will continue to highlight contributors from different countries around the world.


Founding Editor-in-Chief

Newton Lee

August 2013