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Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games

By Newton Lee

Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games

An authoritative reference work covering the history, technologies, and trends of computer graphics and games catered to industry professionals and academic communities worldwide, the encyclopedia is part of Springer’s prestigious major reference works program which aims to bring together the world’s renowned scholars and share their knowledge for the benefit of scientists everywhere. The hallmark of these reference works is that they are published both online and in print and also form part of Springer’s live and updateable database

By Invitation Only

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in submitting an article on the history, technologies, and trends of computer graphics and games. Each contributed article will be self-contained, comprehensive and written on the premise that a reader may not read any other part of the Encyclopedia. The presentation will focus on concepts, principles, and methodologies, with illustrative examples.

Topics include but are not limited to:

•    3D Visualization
•    Artificial Intelligence
•    Animation
•    Audio
•    Augmented Reality
•    Art and Design
•    Cinematics
•    Computer Graphics
•    Engine Architecture
•    Game and other Medias
•    Game Design and Development
•    Modeling and Texturing
•    Networked Games
•    Open-Source Code
•    Platform
•    Physics and Simulation
•    Production
•    Rendering
•    User Interface
•    VFX
•    Virtual Reality

Accepted articles will be published online first and in print afterwards in hardcover volumes.

Newton Lee, [email protected]

Dr. Xiaoamo Wu
(Industry Chair)

Professor Abdennour El Rhalibi
(Academic Chair)

and the Encyclopedia Editorial Board