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Disney Lends a Hand

By Newton Lee


With summer travel underway, millions of guests will experience the magic of Disney at its various theme parks worldwide. What you may not know is that in 2010, Disney launched its Assistive Technology Device to provide detailed descriptions of the Disney Parks for guests with disabilities. A $25 refundable deposit is required for all-day use of the device; Disney provides separate devices for the hearing and visually impaired. The handheld device offers detailed audio description, amplified audio for the hearing impaired, captioning for the visual impaired during specific rides, and activation of closed captioning on television displays in pre-show areas. 

 “Disney Parks have long been at the forefront of providing accessibility for guests with disabilities,” said Greg Hale, chief safety officer and vice president of Worldwide Standards and Auditing for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. “We are pleased to build on this legacy with new technology that enables us to do something that has never been done before—provide rich audio description in moving attractions and outdoor environments.”

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The video is courtesy of The Walt Disney Company.

Disney Assistive Technology from ACM Computers in Entertainment on Vimeo.