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The Changing World of Video

By Newton Lee

The 2015 Israel Conference took place on October 21st and 22nd at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. About 100 companies presented to hundreds of attendees covering a diverse cross-section of innovation and design from Israel. I was particularly interested in the panel "Veni, Vidi, Vici, VIDEO! The changing world of video." The panelists included Mark Terbeek, Partner at Greycroft; Ori Bimbaum, CEO of WhipClip; Ariel Galinsky, EVP North America from Applicaster; Amos Angelovici, co-founder of Babator; and Jonathan Stefansky, CEO of Viewbix.

Israel Conference 2015

(Photo by Newton Lee)

About 50 million people in the U.S. now watch video on their mobile phones. It was repeatedly said a few times that "movie studios fear Facebook and hate YouTube." But I think otherwise. Movie studios have embraced Facebook and YouTube as advertising platforms to target their audience better than they can target with TV commercials that cost a lot more advertisement dollars.

Applicaster is a leading provider of solutions for app driven TV experiences. To date, TV-apps powered by Applicaster are used by millions of viewers worldwide. The company’s SaaS model offers maximum modularity for broadcasters, which can either deploy a complete TV app service or select from a variety of second screen and interactive TV modules, for Live and On-Demand viewer engagement.

"TV habits are changing fast and broadcasters are facing new and critical challenges," said Pascal Cagni, Founding Partner of C4 Ventures that backs Applicaster. "The new Apple TV takes this even further: tvOS will enable developers to create new experiences, like what we did with the App Store on iOS in 2008.”

Apple TV-Applicaster

(Photo courtesy of Applicaster)

Babator, an innovator in the algorithmic video content programming market, enables video publishers to effectively keep their viewers watching more videos for a longer time. The company's big-data behavior-predictive algorithm utilizes an automated infrastructure based on computational social science implemented for behavioral analytics to accurately predict user intentions in the online video market by analyzing their behavioral patterns in video consumptions. Babator solves the viewer retention challenge so companies can increase user engagement. The solution is language neutral and content agnostic, raises no privacy issues, and runs on all platform types. Babator customers are able to engage their viewers by delivering personalized content from the website permitted inventory, matching the viewer's preferences. Video publishers, advertising networks, video distributors and OTT companies of all sizes with video presence rely on Babator to recommend content to millions of viewers daily.

Amos Angelovici