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December 2018 Archive

It’s Not a Car, It’s Your Driving Entertainment Screen

Dec. 12, 2018

The way auto manufacturers are pushing you'll start seeing autonomous vehicles on the road to replace gas guzzlers and save lives before you know it. Okay maybe they really want to start recovering their heavy investments but they will provide environmental/life saving benefits. There's a lot of people standing on the side of the road to ride along. But we were a little puzzled at this year's SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) conference when Hollywood was so interested in them. Turns out the two parties think the best thing a person can do while sitting in traffic is to enjoy a show/movie (and ads). Suppose it beat getting some real work done after time is your time.
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M&E Industry Can Make Change, Inclusion the New Norm

Dec. 5, 2018

It's sometimes difficult for 50 percent of the world's population to realize that the best man for a job is a woman especially in the M&E industry where the success of video storytelling is all about tapping into the emotions of people. Perhaps that's why the #MeToo movement spread so rapidly around the globe. But filmmakers don't just like to point out problems they prefer to show they can be words and actions. While change isn't always easy - in fact it's often disruptive - but diversity and inclusion is taking place. All we need to do is keep delivering great content and leading by example.
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Sophia the Robot attending 2018 Revolution Against Aging and Death (RAADfest) Conference

Dec. 1, 2018

It was certainly a big and pleasant surprise to meet Sophia the Robot and its chief scientist Dr. Ben Goertzel from Hanson Robotics at the 2018 RAADfest Conference in San Diego, California. RADDfest (which stands for Revolution Against Aging and Death) is an annual conference where practical and cutting-edge methods ...
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