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Marketing to Gen Z Requires Ultra-Personal Approach

Sept. 26, 2018

You can call your tween and teen years awkward but today's Gen Zs are very confident they know what they want, when they want it, where they want it, how they want it. They want video, they want it now, they want it on their spartphone, they want it with and without ads...just don't block everything else out or they're gone. They're constantly in touch with their smartphone even though they know 24x7 contact isn't really good for them. But if you want to promote to them do it the right way or they're...gone!
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Introduction to the Intelligence Value Argument (IVA) Ethical Model for Artificial General Intelligence

Sept. 25, 2018

Introduction to the Intelligence Value Argument (IVA) Ethical Model for Artificial General IntelligenceBy David J. KelleyAGI Laboratory, Provo, [email protected]  IntroductionThe Intelligence Value Argument (IVA) states that, “ethically”, a fully Sapient and Sentient Intelligence is of equal value regardless of the underlying substrate which it operates on, meaning a single fully ...
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5G Streaming is Going to be Beautiful When it Gets Here But…

Sept. 19, 2018

It was great to hear "everyone" at IBC talking how great viewing brilliant on-the-go content is going to be now that 5G service is going to arrive on the scene...soon. Mobile services will begin 5G installations and tests the first of the year. 5G smartphones will be available the first of the year. And then BAM! unlimited 5G effortless streaming will be ready for folks to sign up for, everywhere. Yes we said unlimited 5G data until you reach a certain fine print volume then your unlimited data will suddenly feel like lumbering 3G or 2G which it will be! For most folks any volume of 5G will be just a dream because it's going to take years to get those small cells spread around the town, county, state. Don't worry...they got you covered!
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Too Many Viewing Options Could Be Deadly for Some Services

Sept. 12, 2018

There is good news, bad news out of IBC. The good news is that everyone has an answer to producing and delivering content DTC (direct to consumer). The bad news is that everyone is going to do it - cable guy, telephone lady, studio, OTT service folks, everyone. Great, good, so-so and ugly content will be instantly available to you once you've paid the subscription fee or waded through the ads. Imagine sign up for 5-10 "channels" and you can be informed, educated, entertained 24x7. The big challenge is that you'll have to spend hours wading through the titles to find the stuff you want to view. Then to you also have to work, study, eat and sleep. Not everyone is going to win in this scenario until we get organized. Hope it doesn't take too long...
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We’re in Phase 4 of VR and Things are Only Getting Better

Sept. 5, 2018

Want to get into movies? Work hard, work long and have just a little bit of luck. Or if you were thinking of something a little easier, little faster; catch one of the growing library of really good VR films - short or long - and experience it up close and personal, very personal. If you want to produce your own VR film well the good cameras are still "a little" expensive, Nvidia's eye-popping gen 8 card makes it easier and better, and if you want to push the envelope see how you look as a hologram. VR/AR/MR are coming together as an exciting option to 4K/8K/HDR films. Choices...choices...choices
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