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Social Media Video is Vying for Streaming Viewing Time

July 25, 2018

Social media video is big business, at least it is for Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and the companies that were born on the iNet because wherever you find a few thousand or tens-of-thousands of viewers gather you'll find ads. That spells profits for them. The more viewers/followers, the more dollars they rake in. Along the way the social creators make money.They aren't my "gotta watch" OTT channels but when they start adding more real news we might tune in a little more often. But it is a great place for movies, TV series to reach new viewers. It can also be a great place for indie filmmakers to promote their work and themselves. In other words about the time you start complaining something good comes along and it expands the richness and value of online video. It's here to stay, it will grow and it will get better.
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The Best Organizational Team Has Complete Diversity

July 18, 2018

Most businesses are doing their darndest to hire more of the best qualified "right" people to balance their organizational diversity because studies consistently show that it can make a stronger, more competitive company and achieving equitable diversity is difficult. It gets even tougher when proven experience is going out the back door while new untested, unproven talent is coming in the front door. Yesterday's millenials are today's boomers and tomorrow they'll be viewed as way over the hill. With people living longer and fewer entering the workflorce management needs to bring together a team that is focused on company success regardless of sex, sexual orientation, abilities and age. Done right we'll bet they will all learn something and achieve even more.
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To Enjoy Great Content, It’s All About Delivery

July 11, 2018

Netflix is so successful they've got a big target on their back. Might bother some but they're just growing as quickly as possible producing/buying new content they already know their subscribers will want and will want to talk about. That talking about (WOM) keeps increasing their subscription numbers around the globe. The cable guy believes the phone folks who swear people no longer visit their family room to watch big screens so they add wireless digital services but normal folks only pay a little attention as long as they have new content available to them. Some is short, some is long and as long as the video stream is smooth and the story is good viewers are happy. The mobile screen works just fine as the service throttling and growing data bill doesn't bother you it's all good. At least until you can get home to exchange information with your smart TV.
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The Growing World of Great Content … Now Just Find It

July 5, 2018

Theatres enjoyed financial growth for the first time in years. Providers are buying studios, studios are buying providers. Indie filmmakers/production people are suddenly getting calls from people they haven't heard from in years. Social media folks are strengthening their relationships with content producers. New productions, videos are coming from every creator with the hopes of capturing the interest of people young and old to watch until it becomes a habit. The opportunities seem almost endless as long as the content can find an audience. All people want is reliable delivery to their whatever screen and a constant stream of new stuff. How can folks possibly say there's nothing new to watch?
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