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Maybe the Problem of Sundance is the Distribution, Not the Content

Jan. 31, 2018

Sundance was "different" this year. The #MeToo ground rules took center stage this year with some good projects where females and minorities found their voice. There were some great leading edge/edgy projects to view. There was a solid set of VR (virtual reality) offerings that showed the technology is finding its way and its place in personal and group immersive entertainment. It's found its way and is moving to become commercially viable, not just another cute oddity. There was a whole lot of angst as to how aggressive the distributors were going to be with their checkbooks. Not a lot of them wrote big checks in the past and they said it was because the excitement quality wasn't there. They're hungry for the hits but they have to be the safe hits.
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Autonomy Will Reshape Transportation More Than You Think

Jan. 25, 2018

Even with the latest "self-driving" incidents self-driving transportation is coming faster than you think. The industry is designing, testing, installing and promoting more safety solutions. Automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and self-parking features are paving the way. Millennials ­ the tech-savvy generation ­ have more faith in cars that drive themselves. Sitting in a miles long parking lot for hours on end is a big waste of time. Seeing people fiddling with their phone or driving under the influence really ticks folks off...and they're a menace to me! But if you're only going to be a passenger why buy the car...
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Smart Home Solutions Are Coming in Bits, Pieces

Jan. 17, 2018

CES has become the conglomerate of shows. You can't simply say this was the trend or that is the wave of the future. It's really the show where shows meet. When the power went out for a little bit folks realized our world really needs energy. This year is probably the last time you'll probably see 1/3 of the thingies. Another 1/3 Another 1/3 you'll be asking Alexi to get for you this year. The final 1/3 you'll wonder how much of a smart, really smart home do you honestly want and need.
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AI Isn’t Dangerous Unless You Allow It To Be

Jan. 11, 2018

AI was so big at this year's CES. How big? Ask any refrigerator, TV set, chair, speaker, toilet, car, phone anywhere on the expanding show floor. Heck they'd answer you before you asked. AI was so big it had its own group of sessions, its own display area and then infiltrated everything on the show floor. Next year AI will run the show. It's necessary because there's so much data being grabbed from everything we touch that ordinary people need help making just the right decision. Gawd forbid you should try and come up short. After all, no one wants to be wrong and AI wouldn't mislead you...would it?
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The Business of TV Changes When We Moved to OTT

Jan. 3, 2018

People are finding OTT viewing can really be liberating. Any subject, any time, anywhere, on any device is yours to consume, enjoy. Of course there may be some streaming issues but that's not your problem...until it is. 4K HDR content needs a lot of bandwidth and 5G wireless is still in the promise phase. Everyone in the M&E and communications industries can see the money-making opportunities that are out there because people just can't get enough. Of course there are still "a few" details to be worked out but it's going to be great! Honest.
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