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VR Opens New Challenges, Risks, Opportunities for Entertainment

Nov. 29, 2017

VR is a video storytelling technique some scoff at it, laugh at it; while others are cautiously optimistic; and then there is the growing group of filmmakers who are professionally intrigued, push the envelope, make fantastic immersive films. There is plenty of outstanding 4K content being shot and delivered. Probably always will be but great VR is different. It not only lets the viewer in the story, it lets you control, explore, be an active part of the story. The SMPTE crowd were hungry to learn more about how the M&E industry can continue to tell the best stories, the best way even when they have to turn the story over to the viewer. In the final analysis great stories come from great filmmakers.
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Entertainment Tomorrow – Instant, Personal, Alone, Together

Nov. 22, 2017

We're standing on the shore looking out and all we can see is an endless ocean of video content. Miles and miles of endless content. Imagine now you really can get what you want, when you want it, where you want it, how you want it, when you want it and you get it BAM! Assuming you've got a big enough pipe, a solid Internet connection and unlimited streaming service it's yours. Problem is, it's too much great video and you can't find the one(s) you want on your own. Fortunately content will be recommended to you based on the time of day, your mood. And as long as content creators (indie filmmakers) get paid for their work it will continue to flow to you...endlessly. Remember popcorn isn't free!
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Moving Goods Will Have A Larger Impact in Autonomy

Nov. 15, 2017

Sure you dream of having your car whiz you around without touching the wheel or gas/brake. Big deal! What is really going to have an impact for you though are autonomous trucks delivering your goods faster, more efficiently, more economically. Trucking is a $700B industry that touches everything and makes money doing it. Assisted/autonomous trucks won't happen BAM! but as one economist said they will be the biggest impact on things since superhighways. Truck drivers won't be replaced for a long time but it will make the grinding job easier, more interesting and it can also make up for the massive shortage of drivers. Might even make the job fun for kids we'll need to replace the aging open roaders.
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Good VR Content Isn’t Just Entertainment It’s Personal Experience

Nov. 8, 2017

Depending on who you ask VR is either coming on strong or heading for the cliff. But firms like AMD, Dell and others are helping the new breed of filmmaker how to develop, shoot, produce and deliver very high quality, really immersive content. Events like VR On The Lot (VROLT) gives people a better understanding of how good content can be once you let the viewer become part of the storytelling team. It's just the beginning.
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We Are So Busy with Our Connections, We’re Alone

Nov. 1, 2017

Smartphones took over our lives faster than even the most expert of experts thought. People are on them 70 percent of the time they are connected to the internet which is darn near all the time. Most of us said you'd only take the screen views in little bites. BAM!!! folks are saying nope I like huge chunks of content on my go-everywhere screen. And that's going to be good enough for the upcoming millenials who were wounded by the financial downturn their parents went through and think a tiny house and a tiny screen are the wave of the future. Maybe this smaller is better thing isn't a fad after all...
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