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Good Content Should Be Paid For, Protected

Sept. 27, 2017

I don't like DRM for content but I really hate the idea that people think all video - mini-series, series, documentary, movie - should be free to watch and enjoy. Folks like to justify stealing (and that's what it is...) because they're taking in from fat-cat networks, studios, SVOD services. No it's simpler than that you are taking money from indie filmmakers, audio/post people and industry tradespeople. People I know and like for their excellent creative talent. Want the stuff free? Watch it with the periodic ad breaks and appreciate that marketers made that entertainment available to you. When you don't pay Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, Amazon, Sky and others; those companies can't invest in more projects with video creatives so you'll be stuck with cat/dog and stupid guy stuff. Think about the people who do the work. Stealing from filmmakers sucks!
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Autonomous Cars Require More Than Just Technology

Sept. 20, 2017

Governments, auto firms, thousands of suppliers, we'll-drive-you folks, insurance agents, everyone is driving like a bat outta hell to get autonomous cars on the road and get people sorta, kinda from behind the wheel. But it takes more than insanely great, new technology. It requires testing - lots of testing - in areas we don't know about until they're encountered. And it requires a lot of education and shifting people to think in a whole different way. Human thinking, habit are harder to change than a tire. Let's keep our eyes on the road...and our destination.
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Small Screen Viewing is Becoming a Very, Very Big Deal

Sept. 13, 2017

Watching really good (and really bad) video content on your smartphone is becoming a big deal...even when the big screen is right in front of you. If you only want to monitor what your partner (or parent) is doing and still spend quality time with content you feel is really good there is no better way than turn it on and tune in. It's not that it won't be there if you have to come back later but you don't so grab it now. Everyone else is...
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It’s Tough to Keep the Internet a Borderless Service

Sept. 6, 2017

We live on the Internet -- communicating with people around the globe, researching stuff for articles, skimming over the free video stuff the kids post on YouTube and Facebook, streaming content to the big screen in the family room. We even stream subscription shows from Netflix and Amazon Plus as well as transaction documentaries from Vimeo. It's great to catch up on content like this even though our service provider doesn't exactly let us watch 4K in 4K but rather something that is a little smaller that travels more easily OTT. Had to explain to the kids that unlimited data plans from our "favorite" carrier is only their version of unlimited not what you or I call unlimited. Of course it's always nice to know that "they" are keeping track of what you're watching/doing on the Internet...for our own good.
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