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Customers are Hard to Win, Harder to Keep

July 27, 2017

It's so great we have tons of data about customers that they give us - willingly, eagerly. We have AI technology that anticipates their every want/need even before they know it. We have automated systems that zip it to them, bills em, answers their every question (also before they ask) and still they are so fickle that they'll change products, brands because we didn't do one little thing...listen. Really wierd how things work today because we're to busy checking/updating Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, email, texts, chat, stuff. Listen? What do customers think we are Alexa or Siri? Listening is one of the most difficult/easiest jobs people in the industry have today. Just work at it...a little!
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We’ll Spend Time in the Clouds, Even with the Storms

July 19, 2017

While Lloyds of London says a really good cyber attack could cost the global economy $53B and daily smaller breakins will rack up $1M here, $1M there it doesn't slow the migration to the major (and minor) cloud service providers around the globe. What's worse even though people know the danger and things they need to do to protect their company and themselves - like keep your software updated and use robust passwords and virus/malware protection solutions - doesn't happen. Updates are a pain and complex passwords are too tough to remember so what the heck use the same one for everything. It won't bother you until you can't get your entertainment stuff then hear the screams and profanity. Good content needs to be protected to be enjoyed so "doing the right thing and benefitting" is up to you.
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Content Designed for Small-Screen Viewing

July 18, 2017

Mobile content and streaming service providers have come up with the recommendation that less is more when it comes to ads that appear mysteriously on your device while agencies and more than a few marketers say shorter ads are ineffective. They feel their message is too important, too complex to be crunched down into a few seconds of screen time. Maybe they are that important, that good but it has also enabled more people - especially younger folks with shorter attention spans - to install ad blockers. One filmmaker in Chicago decided the mobile screen needed more than a scrunched TV ad and works!
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Civil War Action...VR Goes to War - A Letter from the Trench

July 15, 2017

War is nothing new - including the new film Dunkirk. VR film production is nothing new either. But early this year Cream VR produced a VR segment for Discovery Channel that brings war up close and personal.
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Your Future is in Gen Zers’ Hands

July 12, 2017

Ensuring your marketing messages resonate with customers and potential customers isn't just nice for marketing management it's important if you want to keep your job. And in line with that millenials are important. But often we're so preoccupied with them we tend to overlook the fact that a good percentage of them will soon become tomorrow's boomers in a few years and looking to (hoping to) retire so the company has to start all over again reaching the "new millenials." By the time you turn your attention to the up-and-comers it may be too late. Someone may have already convinced them that their product/service is better than happens. In addition, if you want to know what product trends will really take off take a close look at the people who don't consider them "new" because they were here when they were born so they're just part of their normal life. Teens and tweens give you a clear hint as to what works and what doesn't. All you have to do is pay attention
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You’re in this for the Long Haul, Choose Solution(s) with Care

July 6, 2017

Okay I admit it, I'm not a huge fan of the Cloud...not like Amazon, MS, Google, Facebook, IBM and the other service providers, heck even Adobe. It has its place and face it you can't do stuff without being in the cloud some of the time. The way filmmakers work today with specialists around the globe you're always sending parts somewhere. Business couldn't run without pretty fast, pretty reliable cloud communications. And yes this came to you via the cloud. Heck after you've completed your project and made a local backup, across town backup, outta state backup (you do that right?) then there's nothing like one more copy up there...just in case. But as Yoda said, "Choose wisely you must, young Padawan."
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