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May 2017 Archive

TV Is Evolving to Meet the Needs of Content Producers, Viewers

May 31, 2017

I've never tried binge viewing. If I miss a segment of a show I don't break into a cold sweat. When a series disappears from our home OTT viewing schedule I shrug my shoulders and move on to something else. When the commercials come on I watch (and memorize) 'em. I know, it's a little wierd. My daughter on the other hand can't get enough video. She'll watch something on the TV while catching up with her favorite online video(s) and check out the important stuff on her iPhone. And neither of us even scratch the surface of what's available to watch. No one can because there are only 24 hours in a day. Content production and consumption is changing so quickly and niche viewing is becoming more important than mass audience no matter which screen people use.
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Technology Drives Every Segment of the M&E Industry at NAB

May 24, 2017

There was something for everyone at NAB the way things are moving so rapidly. So we'll break down our discussion over several's easier that way. TV is still where most people watch their content they just do it in a bunch of different ways. And thanks to all the online services that are cropping up there is new stuff to watch. That's good news for filmmakers as long as they can establish the right relationships. Yes that's the tough part but not half as tough as being a cable company and watching your "this show at this time" numbers shrink. Fortunately they also own the last 100, last 10 feet to the house so they have to shift their business model. Things are changing so fast you really don't want to go to sleep tonight because when you wake up....BAM!!!
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Drones Raise Filmmaking Opportunities

May 24, 2017

I always believe that less government is better but the recent ruling that you don't have to register certain "classes" of drones just doesn't feel right. The idea of anyone, everyone throwing a drone in the air without some ground rules on what they can do, can't do and what type of training they need is a little cause for concern. Somehow it just feels like the new freedom will come back and hurt people who use them to take exciting shots and make a living doing creative work. I could be wrong but still believe that kids who get theirs (ok dad got it for him) should get training in the rules of the road and regulations/requirements. Or dad could crash it or "lose control" of it before the kid gets his/her hands on it.
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Woodbury University 2017 Fashion Show "Timeless”

May 11, 2017

Woodbury University presented the 53rd annual fashion show “Timeless” on Sunday, April 30, 2017 at The Reef in downtown Los Angeles. Celebrating 85 years of Woodbury fashion, the show started with a video presentation by President Dr. David Steele-Figueredo, Trustee Judith Tamkin, Dean Sue Vessella, and Fashion Design Chair Anna ...
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Protecting Great Video Is Like Practicing Tough Love

May 10, 2017

I like free stuff as much as anyone and that's certainly true of video content. I even like the idea that someone is willing to underwrite my watching the content - advertisers - as long as they don't run their ad before I even get into it. Part of the reason is that I know most of the people who prepare that content for consumption are independent creatives not the "big company" - Netflix, Amazon, Sony, ABC, BBC, you name it. I'm glad TDO was told to go pound sand when he asked for a "little" ransom to give back Orange is the New Black. Hopefully others will say no to the hackers/cybercriminals so they know stealing may be fun but it's no way to make a living. It's probably pretty easy to hack in because there are so many people working on the stuff and not everyone is as careful, concerned as you are. What? You aren't? Maybe it's time to protect your content before TDO and others try to put you out of business. Content is valuable - even stupid dude tricks - so protect the content and enjoy the stuff even if you have to pay by watching really bad ads!
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4K, HDR Were Fast, Beautiful and Took Up a Lot of Space at NAB

May 3, 2017

There was a ton to see at this year's NAB and over the next few weeks we'll do a deep dive into most of it but we thought first we'd take a look at what most filmmakers are doing today - 4K and trending toward HDR. It was 4K that is now being used by almost every filmmaker to do feature length films, documentaries, episodic series and marketing content for use to describe new prroducts, their applications and provide service/support. And the great thing for filmmakers is that the marketplace has opened up beautifully for them with financial opportunities - follow the money - with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, Vimeo and yes the kids favorites YouTube and Facebook. Every content delivery channel - we'll cover the trend/opportunities soon - around the globe is looking for good and insanely great content to offer to their viewers regardless of the screen they're using to educate, inform, entertain themselves!
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