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Personalizing Relationships, Results in Digital OTT Ecosystem

Feb. 22, 2017

OTT (over the top) viewing is great...any time, any place, any device. Our kids love it. Heck you probably love it. True the new content delivery folks like it for the most part but their challenge is keeping you "tuning in" to their service. The problem is called churn - kids (and adults) moving from one source to another to another. Every time you leave it costs a lot of money to get a new viewer. The key to keeping you using them is simple...keep delivering the content they want. For some services it's super easy. For others not so much. The answer is understanding what each individual wants to view, when and where. Better use of your information and making intelligent recommendations spells profits for the service provider, advertisers and marketers and...a satisfied viewer. After all everyone deserves better service!. Right?
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Millennial Moms Are More Than Just Sales Targets

Feb. 15, 2017

Being a working mom - which is every mom - has always been a tough job but fortunately some folks in the consumer electronics industry have recognized her challenges and needs and come up with technology that simplifies the job. I saw products at CES that virtually ensured they would give her free time and would take over those tough tasks like raising kids, juggling their work/home activities and well heck just plain make them a better person. But no matter how much technology we try to sell them the job of handling two or two careers (home, office) isn't any easier and frankly the pay sucks. Rather than figuring what we can sell them we should appreciate the fact that they are equals and treat them accordingly. It would probably make life at the office - and at home - less stressful for everyone. It's just a thought.
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Online Gaming Timeline

Feb. 10, 2017

by Brianna Therkelsen The Shortcut team invites you to take a trip through gaming history. Our infographic delves beyond the digital age, to the dawn of role playing games. We’ve constructed a timeline that connects the pixilated dots that span six decades in its evolution. The games begin in 1969 ...
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The Smart City Just Might Be an Engineer’s Unfulfilled Dream

Feb. 9, 2017

Just read a description of smart city - place that uses technology to increase efficiency, distribute information, improve government services. It's all because of emerging technology/trends like automation, machine learning and the lovely IoT. In theory it works great but you know how bureaucracy works. Just "a few" delays and rising costs...just a little. Then you'll probably say, "Great but not in my neighborhood."
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The Alternate World of Virtual Reality at CES

Feb. 2, 2017

After years VR is finally a solid foothold in the game and video content industries. The biggest problem with the technology is that people (VCs and young developers) were convinced it was going to immediately take over the world and we'd all be walking around like minions. But rehashed games and video scripts only hurt the rapid rise. Game developers, filmmakers/production people have gained a lot of experience on what to do and not do with the technology and the new stuff is really, really great. It's a whole new entertainment experience that brings you in and lets you control the action. And it's getting better with each new release!
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