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Fast, Quality, Consistent Performance Set the Pace at IBC

Oct. 26, 2016

AT&T wants to be a content player. They can read the writing on the wall, the world is going video and they don't want to be just another dumb pipe (they need to add value to what they do). If you're a big house like Times Warner you live in the cloud for your production and your distribution. If you're an independent filmmaker you keep your content in the storage device next to your desk and maybe use the cloud for 2nd or 3rd backup and work with the content distributors to monitize your material in their cloud. According to folks at IBC this year is that the challenge for everyone in the industry is to effectively reach the consuming public without overwhelming them. Remember teens millenials and Gen Zers have short attention spans.
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Music and Philanthropy: Seventh Nova with 12-year-old Lead Guitarist and Lead Vocal Cameron Nino

Oct. 21, 2016

In a town where talent seems to ooze off the streets, it is hard to come by talent that is truly remarkable and memorable. The first time I heard about Seventh Nova, I was at a Los Angeles peace activism event in July 2016. The billing identified the lead guitarist ...
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Gen Z is More Prepared, More Savvy than You Think

Oct. 20, 2016

My son and I had that talk the other day. No! Not "that" talk. The one about how to be prepared for living in a digital, always-on world. After he explained everything about the abundance of content that is out there, the way around all of my digital devices/things and how to be cybersafe in a world where you're either going to be hacked or you've been hacked I think I'm confident enough to talk half way intelligently about the IoT and autonomous car as well as find the content that I'm interested in with my smart OTT 4K HDR TV set, tablet and smartphone. Teens today aren't as messed up as millenials would like to think...they're just wired different and that's okay.
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IBC Outlines Challenges in the New M&E World

Oct. 13, 2016

More devices, more screens means more opportunities for content owners to move more entertainment material to consumers. I don't have to tell you that the world of content is going OTT to folks by-passing traditional channels. Cable companies and networks are struggling to adjust to the new (young) creative viewer while still deliver predictable news/information/entertainment to older folks...and trying to make money on all of them for their advertisers and their bosses. It's tough to jump to the next level of media & entertainment when you're uncertain how you're going to turn a profit. But my kids could care less about the delivery folks profit as long as they get their content when they want it, where they want it, how they want it.
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It’s Tough to Be an Indie Filmmaker, but the Outlook is Getting Better

Oct. 5, 2016

Studios and content buyers save their money for the big, sure hits for their shareholders. YouTube and Facebook open up their sites to good, bad, what the **** stuff. It helps people watch more and enjoy it less. Heck even Netflix has opted for quality not quantity in the stuff they offer. Fortunately help is out there from indie filmmakers who think with creative minds and creative hearts to weave stories they feel compelled to tell. It ain't easy but it's fun. Now because there are a gazillion ways people can entertain/inform yourself with OTT indies have opportunities to even make money doing what they love. And they do it so people can watch what they want to watch, when they want to watch it, where they want to watch it on the screen in front of them. It's freakin awesome!
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A+ for 2016 Metropolitan Fashion Week Closing Gala & Fashion Show

Oct. 4, 2016

The 4th Annual Metropolitan Fashion Week’s Closing Gala & Fashion Awards was hosted at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California on Saturday, October 1st, 2016. In the star-studded event, Metropolitan Fashion Week producer and director Eduardo Khawam presented Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas with the 2016 Metropolitan Fashion Excellence Award ...
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