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Don’t Look Back

Aug. 31, 2016

I'm sure someone said that sporting events, especially big sporting events, are fun for the participants and viewers but but hell on the crew. For the Rio Olympics thousands participated and millions around the globe viewed it, read about it, looked at the photos. USA Today Sports has refined the coverage so people get the best moments of victory and defeat frozen in time. The photographers are the best sports photographers are the best in the US and here's a first hand account of the work involved.
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Coherent Archaeological Knowledge through Big Data

Aug. 26, 2016

By Naga Ravi Tej A Thoram Computer Science and Engineering University College of Engineering Vizianagaram Abstract: We are in the period namely A.G (After Google) where data is adequately enough and where we give more importance to efficacy, speed and rationality in available data. Moreover, this period is even providing ...
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Influencing Gen Yers Requires Different Channels, Different Messages

Aug. 25, 2016

Ever notice that your generation was the world's worst? Well no there's a worse one...the one right behind you. They're lazy, self-centered, self-focused and doing their damdest to kick the older generation out of the way so they can reshape the world the right way...their way. Well millenials are worse than the worst. Just ask boomers and university-locked theoreticians who study things going on around them without getting their hands dirty. Sure millenials are different. Technology accelerated and accentuated the change and if you're going to reach them (sell em stuff) talk to them where they're at in terms of their needs, priorities and things will look better...honest!
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The Olympics Streams Aren’t VR, But They Are Paving The Way

Aug. 17, 2016

If you've been following the video streams from Rio with your VR headset on you've really gotten the feeling that you are there without spending a lot of money on flights and hotel. You're also getting the feeling of being at the center of the action and the crowd without the crowd. You'll have to forgive the enthusiasm of NBC, BBC, the Olympics committee and announcers who are telling you how great the activities are in VR. It ain't. It's pretty good 360 video they're streaming to you. Ok I'm being picky about the differences but so are a lot of filmmakers who are shooting and prepping 360 and VR films. Try'll feel the difference.
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Apps Are Cool, Convenient, Useful, Dangerous

Aug. 11, 2016

Every time you turn around someone tells you "There's an app for that," regardless of what that is! It's true and there are more being developed and offered up every day. And according to Sensor Tower there's no sign of letting up. By 2020 they expect to see over 5 M in Apple's library (2.4M this year) available - freemium and paid. Of course the fact that most - if not all - will have holes, need patches and expose your systems and data to darn near everyone won't bother most folks. Tried to tell our kids but at their age you can't tell them much. Actually that's true of almost everyone out there which is good news for hackers and cyberthieves...just not you...or you!
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With Marketing Challenges/Costs Rising, Companies Need to Focus

Aug. 3, 2016

What’s all the hoopla over ad blockers?   We don’t need no stinkin’ ad blockers because marketing has become increasingly sophisticated with its personal marketing efforts where data scientific research and machine-learning tools guide the company’s messages to people who are most interested in your products/services.   And still: -        ...
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