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Perfecting the Fine Art of Failing Forward

June 29, 2016

A few weeks ago I was talking with a lady friend about a video poduction contest her group conducted earlier this year that was very successful. She said the experiment scared the heck out of her (she used a stronger word) and there were times she'd wake up in a cold sweat thinking it couldn't possibly succeed but it did. You can always spot things that could have/should have been done better because you're your own toughest critic. You can always come up with a hundred reasons why you're a fool to reach beyond your comfort zone and try to do something that might not work. If it fails you learn from your mistakes and move on. If it works you still learn from your mistakes and do it even better next time. She's looking forward to next year. It's called progress...not perfection.
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$1,000 Scholarship Award 2016

June 22, 2016

$1,000 Scholarship Award 2016

The best presentation/poster will receive $1,000 in scholarship. Computer Graphics 2016 is the 3rd international conference covering the history, technologies, and trends of computer graphics, animation, and games catered to industry professionals and academic communities worldwide. Submit your paper (between 650 and 2000 words): Email: [email protected] $1,000 award: The best ...
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Studios, Nets Work to Leverage Viewers’ Web Involvement

June 21, 2016

I recently read where most Facebook viewers do it with the sound off. That's not really viewing because content is good storytelling - audio and visual - and it draws you in, gets you involved and makes you feel something you didn't feel before...warm, cold, happy, sad, enlightened, enriched. Even educated and entertained. Good stuff does that. Bad stuff just fills time until you've got something better to do like think, imagine, dream. It doesn't really matter how you get the content, it's about the message. That is delivered by people - filmmaking people - who care about what they do and their message(s). That's the stuff I want to see...and hear! And I really prefer it on the biggest screen possible.
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Today’s Business Goes Up, Down and Around at Thrilling Speeds

June 15, 2016

Just when the economy was picking up (I didn't say salaries) we're experiencing a shortage of people who want jobs and are qualified. It's very apparent in the technology industry where millenials are finding their pick of jobs, have raised the bar on what they think they are worth and how long they intend to stick around after they land the job they're looking at right now. Companies are beginning to take a closer look at how they can keep experienced workers (boomers) and trying to determine how they can entice and retain females who are increasingly considered a valuable resource rather than people who can be passed over because of their gender. Industry analysts say management is going to have to seriously address the need for better opportunities for females and keep valuable boomers on the team longer. In the meantime, everything is in play.
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Knowing the Risks and Having a Healthy Skepticism is Your Best Protection

June 9, 2016

There isn't an elected or annointed government official who isn't pushing for the best data security and complete privacy possible (at least of their files). They're chilly to the idea of encryption for you because just in case they need to tap into your files what you said is all messed up so they can't read it. The Net and Web were designed for open communications and they still are. It keeps thousands of security people busy 24x7 to find, plug holes and wait for some teen or nasty person to find the ones they missed. Passwords are terribly cumbersome - just ask Zuck - but people will give you their information readily if there's something in it for them. Best effort software security/malware software, everything current and healthy skepticism seem to be solutions that work..
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Innovation is About Thinking Different, Not Copying Different

June 2, 2016

I always enjoy Mary Meeker's (KPBC) annual presentation on how, why, when technology change till take place. This year she used the words innovative and innovation quite a bit. If you looked at some of the innovations they were changes, tweeks, polishing of existing stuff that was out there. Why? Because there's a difference between being wowed by an idea and using it every day without thinking about it. Turns out breakthrough innovation takes time.
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