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It's Time for Game Design to Follow the Players' Lead

March 31, 2016

For the past few years there has been a major push across all industries to stimulate diversity at all levels of business. One of the most contentious areas seems to be in gaming's just a game folks. Industry analysts and experts all agree that women play games - lots of them. Game producers like that because they play for hours on massive multiplayere online sites, buy games and massively powerful computers. They also play on their smartphones and game systems. But they don't call themselves gamers. Maybe it's time for them to do more than just play and actually participate in the game development (they are very good programmers) and move into the management ranks. They're pretty nice people even though my daughter constantly annihilates me.
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Customers Should Always Come Before Big Data

March 23, 2016

Companies spend a fortune gathering data that will guarantee their next really big innovation, solve business problem and determine what will be a runaway hit with customers. There's never enough. Sometimes you have to make an educated, experienced decision; take some action; move forward. If you're wrong modify your plan, adjust your course, keep moving forward. You'll be way ahead of the competitor who is still collecting, sifting more data. They'll be amazed you know something they don't.
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The Virtual Road to Tomorrow’s Films Begins in Earnest

March 16, 2016

VR is in its early stages. It's something you marvel at when you experience it first hand. You're actually there - part of the game, taking a vacation in your easy chair, feeling the rush of breathtaking sport activities, traveling back in time and to the edges of the universe, exploring the inner workings of equipment. The potential is limited only by your imagination and filmmakers are rushing to take you there pushing the boundaries of entertainment, enjoyment, learning technology. Imagine how much storage is required...awesome!
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The Metaverse – Internet of 3D Virtual Worlds

March 15, 2016

by Kim Nevelsteen Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Since its introduction in 1992, by author Neal Stephenson, the Metaverse concept has taken on many different meanings. To some the Metaverse means the convergence of augmented reality, virtual reality and physical world, including haptics and more [Dionisio, ...
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Continuous Penetration Testing

March 12, 2016

By Darren Manners Everything seems to move so fast. What was secure today becomes the weak link in your armor tomorrow. In January 2016, the head of the NSA’s Tailored Access Program (TAO), Rob Joyce, was the main event at Usenix Enigma security conference and talked about how the NSA ...
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It’s Important that Your Stuff Talks Only to Your Other Stuff

March 10, 2016

I really like my home and all that's in it. You know my stuff. Now folks in the industry want my stuff to talk to my other stuff and oh by the way to their stuff. But I didn't buy my stuff to have it talk to me or for that matter anyone in the family, anything else in the house and certainly not to "their" stuff. That's because I know somewhere along the way someone I'm not real interested in will talk to my stuff about me to see if I'm home. Or they'll just ask my stuff to tell them everything it knows about me and well you know how stuff loves to talk.
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Code to Change Program

March 7, 2016

by Emily Peed The Code to Change program is an extensive 5-month program that is aimed at women who are looking for new challenges and want to learn the skills necessary to be successful in Information Communication Technology (ICT). The kick off point for this program started in October of ...
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The Internet is Robust but Fragile, Requiring Attention, Protection

March 4, 2016

It's hard to imagine life before the Internet. How did we talk to people? Get our news? Stream our content? Exist? Sure we worry about hackers, whackers, DDOS, infrastructure collapses and oh crap about everything. But the Net is even more susceptible. Cut a few fiber cables here and there and jeezz the world goes silent. It can be done on purpose, by accident, by anchors at rest, animals in the sea. Yeah now you've got a real reason to worry about something new!
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