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Completely Autonomous Cars Years Away

Nov. 26, 2015

Every automotive and tech company is investing hundreds of millions in the autonomous car rushing as fast as they can to be the first to deliver the finished product. There are some features we find attractive, others bothersome and a few WTF! The one thing we don't see is a lot of elegant design in the proposed solution. That's a minor issue. The problem is the thousands of players aren't working on the same problem, the total problem just their problem. Our transportation - not just auto - infrastructure is in complete disrepair so even if you buy an autonomous car you may have no where to go. But don't worry that's someone else's problem. Let "them" get their act together like the rest of us have.
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Real People – Not Real Publicity – Produce Buzz, Sales

Nov. 24, 2015

Social media is the most popular publicity tool right behind the news release and email. Publicists like to show how well they're being followed, liked, believed. Somehow they miss the point that it's less about them and more about the customer and his/her relationship with the company, the brand, the product. Increasingly social media is the place where people turn first when they have questions, problems or issues. And they expect a response, not more publicity. As hard as it is, it's more important to listen, provide the information/assistance people want and then let them tell others about the great products, support and service they get from the company. You know..people telling people, people helping people.
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Two Factions Are Making M&E Better, More Available

Nov. 13, 2015

The expensive budget-busting films that folks stole from Sony are only a small part of today's video entertainment. More than 200 hours of quality (and garbage) video every minute is uploaded to sites around the web. Indie filmmakers in record numbers (low-cost equipment, easy-to-use tools, fantastic storage bargains) are putting out really great movies you'll see at film festivals around the world and streaming OTT to your smart 4K UHD TV set you'll be glad Santa brought for you.
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The Changing World of Video

Nov. 10, 2015

The 2015 Israel Conference took place on October 21st and 22nd at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. About 100 companies presented to hundreds of attendees covering a diverse cross-section of innovation and design from Israel. I was particularly interested in the panel "Veni, Vidi, Vici, VIDEO! The changing ...
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Moving Images… The Serious Side of Entertainment

Nov. 7, 2015

We know you think M&E is all fun and games and worse or better (depending on your perspective). But there's a real business with real technology and real people working to deliver the stuff you like/dislike, applaud/jeer, pay for/borrow/ignore. The compact community of folks focus on the details so you can enjoy their creative work. The champions of often opposing views gather annually at the SMPTE conference and give an update on the progress. This year they had a Student Film Festival to get a peak at the next generation of filmmakers and tomorrow will be so bright you'll need sunglasses
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With Your Project Budget Spent, Fast, Reliable Storage Matters

Nov. 6, 2015

There isn't a filmmaker who hasn't wanted to take on a project even when there was no financial compensation involved, just a real feel good feeling. And when the time budget runs out you need fast, reliable storage you can count on. Cullie Posaria knows from first hand experience.
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Video Projects in the Wild – Planning and More Planning

Nov. 5, 2015

Nothing is more fun than flying, floating, packing into the middle of nowhere. Just a few crew members, your gear, the great unknown Cirina Catania, Catania Group, just completed a pilot like that in the untamed Peruvian Amazon region. For filmmakers it's all about the shoot.
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Finally, Ransom Notes Have Joined the Digital Age

Nov. 4, 2015

Folks love to tell you how good the Cloud is for well everything. Think about it the sucker should hold just about everything including all those selfies. It's cheap and getting cheaper because the big Clouds want to be really big and the others want to hang in there. But with all that drive for volume something has to give and since they're giving it to you for free or almost nothing why not privacy, security? Just trust them - wink, wink. You won't read the user agreement anyway or at least not until it's way too late!
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Keep You and Your Stuff A Little Less Available to “Them”

Nov. 1, 2015

As we approach the best time of the year ever it's only right that you want to exchange information, greetings, ideas, wish lists, whatever with...well everyone. And this is the time of the year when everyone is hoping to grab all of that information and put it to very good use. The online world is truly marvelous because the more you talk about your favorite subject - you - the better job they can do in serving you up to their advertisers so they can better serve you. Or you could work at being nobody...your choice.
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