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Microsoft Opens it Doors to the LA-Tech Community

Dec. 13, 2013

Earlier this month, the Emerging Tech Salon was held at Microsoft's new technology center in Playa Vista, CA. Hosted by Bixel Exchange, the event focused on interactive gaming, entertainment, and the technology of collaborative storytelling.
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Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular: Our top 5 tech picks for the holiday season

Oct. 29, 2013

Straight from Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular are our top 6 tech toys.
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Burbank International Film Festival 2013

Oct. 15, 2013

The Burbank International Film Festival 2013 was held last month. The Burbank International Film Festival not only acknowledged the award-winning filmmakers, but also honored award-winning industry icons and professionals that have shaped and defined the world of cinema today.
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Is YouTube about to be Revolutionized by the YouTube Space L.A?

Sept. 25, 2013

We visit YouTube Space L.A, a large spaced dedicated to content creators, where you can create your own environments or utilize one of the ready-to-be-used sets.
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Death of Newspaper? Not.

Aug. 14, 2013

The latest sales of The Washington Post to Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon ignited another round of debate about the future of newspaper. The New York Times and others have debated over this inevitable reality. Many have concluded the demise of newspapers is eminent and their revenues seemed to follow this prediction. This debate has been going on for more than 10 years among editors, academics. and shareholders. So has this prediction become reality?
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Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival 2013

Aug. 12, 2013

The Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival (HBRFest) 2013 was held from July 31st to August 4th at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California. Besides Brazil's fiercely independent-minded filmmaking, the country's entertainment technology industry has also been flourishing. Dating back to 2008, ACM Computers in Entertainment (CIE) has published many research papers highlighting media arts, games, and interactive mobile apps from Brazilian researchers.
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A Façade of Flawless Perfection: Makeup Metamorphosis Project

May 24, 2013

On May 16, 2013 in Los Angeles, the Joe Blasco Makeup Metamorphosis Project did a stunning demonstration morphing guests into work of art, like those seen in the movies.
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Come back, Super Mario!

May 21, 2013

A look at the history of Nintendo.
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Telibrahma: Pointing at infinite possibilities

April 29, 2013

The Point app developed by Telibrahma was demoed earlier this month at the UCLA REMAP office. Here is an overview of the augmented reality app that is set to render the QR code extinct.
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PhDs in the Digital Entertainment Industry

April 24, 2013

After I finishing my postdoctoral research at INRIA, I joined the digital entertainment industry. Since then I've been curious to know if other PhDs working in the industry have any regrets about their choice to pursue an advanced degree. Here are my thoughts along with feedback from Ph.D. friends working at top companies in the entertainment field.
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