ACM - Computers in Entertainment


By Newton Lee
First anniversary issue, [Vol. 2, No. 4]

DOI: 10.1145/1037851.1037852

Welcome to the first anniversary issue of the ACM Computers in Entertainment! It has been a year since the magazine was launched in October 2003.

In this anniversary issue we publish eight interesting papers on entertainment technologies, including games, audio media, user interface, live HD media streaming, and digital cinema. We also feature video interviews with two of our distinguished advisory board members, John Gage and Tomlinson Holman. John Gage, chief researcher and co-founder of Sun Microsystems, talks about the volunteer project NetDay, the wireless and broadband Internet, digital media, and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Tom Holman, creator of the THX sound system and professor at USC, speaks of the history of THX, the 10.2 channel sound system, multichannel music, and digital cinema.

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