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Welcome to China's first multimedia conference

By Eldon C. Hylton
Theoretical and Practical Computer Applications in Entertainment, [Vol. 3, No. 3]

DOI: 10.1145/1077246.1077263

China is experiencing a Cultural Renaissance juxtaposed between the Middle Kingdom's historical cultural heritage, digital technologies and techniques, coupled with the uniqueness of China 's contemporary creative spirit.The multimedia industry in China is navigating towards a horizon of individually created products and services that will be in-demand domestically and worldwide. The importance of China's multimedia industry is supported by governmental policies, and complemented with academic vision from the science, technology, and art communities of various colleges and universities throughout China. The underpinnings of collaboration for China's multimedia industry are forming. Intellectual property rights are of paramount importance to the industry, as well as the enforcement of copyright laws to protect the economic value created by this creative spirit. The success of the multimedia industry in China will depend on individuals and companies creating new technologies and products and competing not only in China 's domestic marketplace, but worldwide.On behalf of BMIA, the Hosts, and Sponsors, we welcome you to China 's First Multimedia Conference: MMEC 2005

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