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My Frist 10 Years in Computer Graphics

Guest Column
By Sicilia Ferreira Judice

I believe everything in our lives has a beginning and every beginning brings new experiences. My beginnings in the field of computer graphics began in 10 years ago in 2002, when I started to figure out the mysteries behind computers as a computer science major. Afterwards I created on my first pixel on the screen (it was love at the first pixel, by the way). In 2007 I started my academic life within graphic design, along the path of computer graphics. And a few years ago, in 2009, I went into a classroom for the first time... as a teacher. In each of these moments there were new and challenging obstacles.

Here I am once again starting a new beginning. I will write every month for CiE, discussing computer graphics in education. I am excited about this experience. But I am scared too. I'm not an expert in computer graphics—my area of expertise is computational modeling—and I have little experience in the classroom. Thus, I do not intend to use this space for teaching computer graphics in education. Otherwise, I hope to learn even more about these two issues. 

So I'll use this space to write about my experiences in the classroom, to write about the opinions of students and on the projects developed. I hope to receive feedback from you readers, so that we can learn even more about the wonderful art of teaching computer graphics. Feel free to share your suggestions and your own experiences.

See you next month!

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