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SMU to offer women's industry scholarship

By Newton Lee
First anniversary issue, [Vol. 2, No. 4]

DOI: 10.1145/1037851.1037862

The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University (SMU) has announced that it has partnered with to "present the first-ever women's-only, industry-funded scholarship to attend SMU's one-of-a-kind digital games education program in Dallas, Texas."

Funded by businesses that recognize the need for more women in the game developer workforce, the Game Development Scholarship for Women will help cover the cost of tuition ($37,000) during the 18-month Guildhall program., a sponsor of the Women's Game Conference, will be assisting and SMU in finding publishers or developers who may be able to donate to the scholarship program.

The Guildhall at SMU Executive Director, Peter Raad, PhD, commented, "Game development studios and publishers must learn to capitalize more effectively on the increasing numbers of women playing games. We believe the most important step toward achieving that goal is for game developers' staffing choices to be reflective of the growing market of female gamers."

A press conference concerning the women's scholarship will be held at the upcoming Women's Game Conference during September 9-10 in Austin, Texas.

The Guildhall at SMU Scholarship Fund

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Plano, Texas 75024

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