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Relax or study? A qualitative user study on the usage of live mobile TV and mobile video

By Koji Miyauchi, Taro Sugahara, Hiromi Oda
SPECIAL ISSUE: TV and Video Entertainment Environments, [Vol. 7, No. 3]

DOI: 10.1145/1594943.1594955

The usage of live mobile TV and mobile video devices is increasing in Japan as well as in other countries. In the summer of 2007, in the Tokyo area, we conducted a user study by means of qualitative interviews with 11 participants in order to understand when, how, and why people use such devices. In contrast to previous work, our user study compared the usage of live mobile TV with that of mobile video. In this article, our findings reveal a sharp contrast in (1) the usage of live mobile TV and mobile video on commuter buses or trains, at home, and for sharing experiences; and (2) the interest that live mobile TV users have in mobile video, and vice versa. In this article we present (1) findings that reveal the different attitudes concerning usage of live mobile TV compared with that of mobile video; and (2) hypotheses on user motivations, intentions, and desires derived from the observed attitudes.

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