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Predicting user behavior—the creation of the immersion installation

By Andrew Buchanan
SPECIAL ISSUE: Media Arts, [Vol. 6, No. 3]

DOI: 10.1145/1394021.1394027

This article is a retrospective case study of the creation of an interactive projection installation titled Immersion, produced in 2007 and commissioned for the Experimenta Biennale Media Arts exhibition—Experimenta Playground. The article explains the project conceptually and technically, and outlines the processes of the artists with regards to their attempts to predict the responses and reactions of the pubic to the finished work. Reference is made to some established methodologies for the prediction of user behavior and explains findings from user-testing phases and the influence of these findings on artistic direction for the project. The article also identifies the potential for passive audiences in interactive works and describes some of these in response to the finished installation.

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