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Next research idea beyond Live and CitizenMedia

By Carmen Macwilliams, Georg Trogemann, Stefan Göllner, Martin Hesselmeier
SPECIAL ISSUE: TV and Video Entertainment Environments, [Vol. 7, No. 3]

DOI: 10.1145/1594943.1594949

In the video we summarize our experiences as researchers in running the ICT European research pojects, “LIVE -- Live Staging of Media Events” and “CitizenMedia”. Carmen MacWilliams and Georg Trogemann were responsible for the content research workgroup in LIVE, and created the staging plan for the iTV broadcast of the Olympic Games 2008 with the help of the Austrian public TV broadcaster, ORF. Georg Trogemann, Stefan Göllner, and Martin Hesselmeier were responsible for the Cologne test-bed in CitizenMedia and developed the Web-based “Unortkataster”. In the video, Carmen MacWilliams, Stefan Göllner, and Martin Hesselmeier talk about new research ideas beyond LIVE and CitizenMedia.

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