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Meaningful data

By Leon Cmielewski, Ann Finnegan, Josephine Starrs
SPECIAL ISSUE: Media Arts and Games, [Vol. 7, No. 1]

DOI: 10.1145/1486508.1486514

Art often relies on a certain obliqueness or ambiguity to encourage contemplative reflection and allow room for the viewer to generate their own complex multiple readings of the artwork. However, “good design” approaches to graphically representing statistical information emphasize clarity and efficiency of information transfer. This inherent conflict between the domains of art and design is just one of the issues that was grappled with in the creation of the Seeker art installation by Australian artists Leon Cmielewski and Josephine Starrs. Other strategies to enhance audience engagement were the creation of slow, meditative visualizations, the use of interaction, and the accumulation and mapping of viewer responses within the artwork.

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