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Makeup Creativity Enhancement with an Augmented Reality Face Makeup System

By Bantita Treepong, Hironori Mitake, Shoichi Hasegawa
FINAL EDITION, [Vol. 16, No. 4]

DOI: 10.1145/3277452

This study presents a novel interactive face makeup system that aims to support users to improve makeup creativity. In this system, facial feature points were tracked by Kinect and mapped to the 3D face model. The makeup tools were developed for providing a tangible interaction. A face painting application was developed based on the Unity 3D framework. While users apply makeup, the program will generate color on the model, which synchronizes with the user's movement. The results will be mapped to the user's face in real time by using a projection mapping technique that allows users to see which color is suitable for their skin tone. Users can perceive a realistic makeup feeling from our touch detectable makeup tools. Moreover, by using a computer-based drawing system, users can undo, save, and load their makeup image and compare with other styles. A subjective evaluation was conducted to evaluate the users’ satisfaction. The results indicated that by using this system, users can find a suitable makeup style for themselves and get help increasing their makeup creativity.

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