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Leslie's Almanac: SOPA and creativity

Guest Column
By Leslie Wilson

This month’s almanac starts with "abundance_of_memory*"; a sculpture created by the author that includes spherical digital photo frames. Moving through an assemblage of assemblers such as Joseph Cornell, Roy Lichtenstein, and Arcángel, we consider how SOPA threatens the creative need for inspiration, reference, and transcendent appropriation. 

Through this illustrated series, Leslie chronicles a year’s worth of creative swirling and sputtering. Medieval Zodiac signs and serendipitous links to Internet treasures included. Often taking oblique orbits, possible to transverse only with the aid of computation, she explores events in the art world past and present and ponders the impact of technology on expression. 

Leona Williams, whose 1922 recording of "Struttin' Blues" is just barely public domain via our new copyright laws, provides the soundtrack for these investigations.

As you experience Leslie's work think about the following: How has computation impacted the creative process? 


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