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Homogeneous accelerometer-based sensor networks for game interaction

We have created and tested a wearable sensor network that detects a user's body position and motion as input for interactive applications. It is envisioned to take game experiences such as Dance Dance Revolution, Wii ... Read More »

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Child-centered interaction in the design of a game for social skills intervention
In this article we describe the CALSIUM framework to elicit children's contributions and perspectives in the design of an online game for enhancing social skills of children. This study advocates ...
CAPTCHA is an effective and widely used solution for preventing computer programs (i.e., bots) from performing automated but often malicious actions, such as registering thousands of free email accounts or ...
Large-scale displays for public spaces---constellation of departure
The use of large visual displays in public spaces such as large buildings has become increasingly popular. Public art can make use of the characteristics and context of the site. ...