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Interview with Kerry Shea, The Jim Henson Company
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Interview with Don Marinelli, Carnegie Mellon ETC
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Strange ontologies in digital culture
The concept of a “strange ontology” is articulated via the intersection of philosophical and computational definitions of ontology. Within digital media, each simulated world requires both; an ontology, to define ...
The dancing body as a screen
The aesthetic of using the human body as a living screen to project video, motion graphics, or animation is being explored by various artists worldwide. In the modern society of ...
Meaningful data
Art often relies on a certain obliqueness or ambiguity to encourage contemplative reflection and allow room for the viewer to generate their own complex multiple readings of the artwork. However, ...
Going places sitting down
This article will explore the dynamic spatial perspective created by juxtaposing giant and miniature worlds in Hiraki Sawa's Going Places Sitting Down (2004). In Hiraki Sawa's digital artworks, fantastic miniature ...
Designing universally accessible games
Today, computer games are one of the major sources of entertainment. Computer games are usually far more demanding than typical interactive applications in terms of motor and sensory skills needed ...
Requirements analysis of presence
Virtual worlds are computer-based simulations intended to give its users the impression of being in another place. Presence, or the sense of “being there,” is a major design requirement for ...
Flying cake
In the current age of ubiquitous computing via high bandwidth networks, wearable and hand-held mobile devices with small cameras and wireless communication will become widespread in the near future. Thus, ...
Robot Arena
Nowadays electronic games are of great importance to the economic sector, to computing, and to academic research, and not are limited to entertainment applications only. Augmented reality is one of ...
Integrating the Wii controller with enJine
The goal of the work described here is to integrate a 3D input device, the Wii controller, and enJine, a didactic engine, motivated by the growing use of 3D interfaces. ...
What went wrong? A survey of problems in game development
Despite its growth and profitability, many reports about game projects show that their production is not a simple task, but one beset by common problems and still distant from having ...
Meet the new boss
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