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Interview with Rick Mandler
Interview with Rick Mandler (April 18, 2005) Rick Mandler is vice president and general manager of Walt Disney Internet Group and ABCs Enhanced TV ( He and his teams have ...
Interview with Kimberly Till
Interview with Kimberly Till (April 18, 2005) Kimberly Till is vice president of Microsofts Worldwide Media & Entertainment Group ( In the video interview, Kimberly was accompanied by David Alstadter ...
Agents-based modeling for a peer-to-peer MMOG architecture
Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) are becoming a very important part of computer entertainment business. With the recent development of broadband technologies, the increase in the number of players is ...
Portholes and planes
We describe a simple and efficient dynamic occlusion- culling algorithm for computing potentially visible sets (PVS) in densely occluded virtual environments. Our method is an optimization of a widely used ...
A RIO-like technique for interactivity loss-avoidance in fast-paced multiplayer online games
The astonishing increase in the spread of the Internet has given rise to a globally connected community proficient at deploying online games for a large number of participants geographically located ...
Design vs. content
This article presents a humorous overview and commentary on recent web sites that captivated the Internet community. It asks the question, "Does a web site need to display design and ...
Understanding digital cinema
This Handbook is devoted to an examination and explanation of this new process and the issues that arise in designing it.
Taking on the masses with mobile messaging TV
Just like the Internet and cellular revolutions preceding it, mobile messaging TV may alter the viewing habits of millions of cable subscribers in the years to come.
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Narrowstep launches world's first city broadband TV channel
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